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What’s in your freezer for your dog?

If you have a dog you should have dog ice blocks in your freezer especially in summer time.

Let me share how quick this is put together.

If you don’t have ice block molds, than small containers will do.

If you have stock left over from a dish you have been cooking or you can spare a bit.

Transfer some stock to a mould or container pop a few berries in and voila doggy-ice-block! Basically you can pop in anything they like a little spoon of peanut butter, banana, use your imagination.

Puppy teething ring hack;

If you have a puppy and he love the feeling of leather between his needle like teeth, with other words your best shoes, a must in your freezer is a cotton or linen piece of cloth with a few strong knots in it and soaked in stock.

Yum! Not only is he/she going to enjoy this “toy” it will also relief the pressure of teething and hopefully leaving your shoes alone!

Please if you have a good freezer hack for your dog, share, we would love to know.

Carla G.

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where can I buy Snazels Studio Dog Treats Please was given a jar My dogs love them

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