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Recycling of leads/collars in memoriam;

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The day before last Christmas, a beautiful 4-legged friend of mine went to visit that rainbow bridge. This got me wondering what people did with their pet’s lead?

I know my Belgian Tervurense Sheppard’s collar is in a draw somewhere, his picture is on the cupboard, his ashes in that same cupboard with 3 urns of is brothers and sister boxers.

I have some of their leads hanging on the wall at the front door and one in the car, (in case I set eyes on a stray dog)

Most of the leads have been recycled as hand me downs like families all over the world do, handing down gear feels more inclusive for a family member, good energy.

Sure, one day they get a new lead but that’s usually as gift for a certain occasion like for Christmas or birthdays and or if I come across one that would suit perfectly.

So I Google-d it!

Not in any order, here are the 5 most “recycling of leads/collars in memoriam”;

1. Glue collar on his/her water bowl and use as a planter.

2. Have it framed with his/her image and a paw print.

3. Use a round frame to display his image and wrap or glue his/her lead around the frame.

4.Collar candle, by wrapping the lead around the round candle. (I would make sure the candle smelled like cookie scent).

5. Collar or lead Bracelet, I’m sure there is a company out there that does this, or if you’re handy than someone on YouTube will help you).

I didn’t really see the suggestion of keeping a lead in your glove box in case of a stray dog needing a lead, I would love to stress that’s not a bad idea.

Carla G.

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